do cis people they can just use whatever they're grouping people for to describe that group?? like for instance, if you're trying to describe the various people who experience misogyny you can just say "people who experience misogyny". it's entirely inclusive, and it's more accurate/pertinent to your point

"women and enbies" "femmes" "biological women" [huge grimace] like no. shut up. just say the thing you're grouping them all together for

"women and enbies" = not men, people who experience misogyny (depending)
"femmes" = feminine aligned people, people percieved as/treated as women
"biological women" = people with vaginas, people who menstruate, etc.

it's just that easy??

also slight aside but a lot of the time when it's necessary to talk about """biological women"""" that term is not actually accurate. "ppl who menstruate" does not include all women. "ppl who can give birth to children" does not include all women. w/e function/body part it is that you Need to talk about, there will be cis women who don't have it. "biological women" is an exclusionary/unhelpful term to discuss body parts even without considering the existence of trans people

basically what i'm saying is, It's just way better to summarize the group based on the thing you actually want to discuss?? anything else will be exclusionary and that will absolutely also exclude ppl u probably originally meant to be included

@myconidiosyncrasy hi i'm a biological woman, no i don't have a uterus just letting you know i'm not made of metal 🙃

@null @myconidiosyncrasy idk if that'd make you biological or not that's kinda your call imo

@myconidiosyncrasy also good time for a reminder that the category "biological sex" was socially constructed/enforced and proceeds from and came after gender, not the other way around

@myconidiosyncrasy heck, even XX chromosomes probably isn't broad enough. I know for "apparent" males, 1 in 1,000 have XXY chromosomes. I'm definitely not clever enough to come up with an accurate way to describe gender beyond what people choose for themselves.

@myconidiosyncrasy I feel like sometimes people go out of their way to not use the term lesbians to refer to that group and it's highly sus

@myconidiosyncrasy like, tacitly acknowledging the exclusivity of that label


@myconidiosyncrasy I know you weren't talking about lesbians, it's just a related issue that I've noticed


@Aleums @myconidiosyncrasy ...idk how his point relates to lesbianism tbh? like aside from lesbians being a subset of "ppl subject to misogyny"


@velexiraptor @myconidiosyncrasy I think I just feel like the term is underused


@Aleums @myconidiosyncrasy there's a whole conversation to be had abt stigma around the term lesbian and how inclusionist vs exclusionist discourses and comphet all contribute to its underuse but that's a totally different convo unrelated to the op

@myconidiosyncrasy I wish there were more terms, because things like "responsibility for birth control commonly falls on uterus-havers" sounds 👎

(I still use it when necessary because it's all we've got I guess)

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