forewarning this is entirely the same deal as my "i love horror but it sucks" rant

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it's my b genre of choice and i think there's outstanding works in the field but as a whole it's wildly racist/sexist/classist/etc and it's very tiring

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"guys check out my Sick analogy for racism with this subplot where people are mean to fairies"

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"this is a world without sexism uwu oh but also every single main female character is very sexy and spends most of her time getting rescued by dudes (even when her proficiency is something like swordfighting or assassination??)"

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"i made up a special fantasy word for gay people please give me my allyship gold star"

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@myconidiosyncrasy or, the dragon age way. look mages are kinda like gay people haha. so u should be nice to them. also they can get possessed by demons and wipe out entire towns accidentally lol

@ItsMorgan "here we make an incredibly radical statement about gay and/or neurodivergent folks by paralleling them to people Gifted With Magical Powers that make them ~super dangeorus~"

@myconidiosyncrasy yeah like, my dude if i was super dangerous you wouldnt be making these bad stories

@ItsMorgan fuck i gotta learn to knife fight Just so i can stab weird cishet authors

@myconidiosyncrasy Ursula K LeGuin's works would like to have a word with you. Lol actually I'm sure she would've agreed with that characterization of the genre

@myconidiosyncrasy I’m tired of bad (*-ist, *-normative) fantasy :\

ditto for the ppl who are really into those books :\

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