publicly funded media is literally the hottest idea imo

some mild /s 

"but oh no what if being publicly funded makes it politically biased or censory??" ahh, very much unlike private media companies, which do not have this problem at all,

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not to be like a commie on main or whatever, and i certainly know there are practicality issues with this but like also.... imagine a world where you just got given a stock income to create art?? like art and it's creation are absolutely essential things for humans and i dunno just. feels like it should be something like mail or growing food where we just pay ppl to do it as best as we are able, and then offer it to the general public for as little cost as we are able

although i think this can be boiled down even further to just "support everyone as best as we are able". like i mean people naturally create art just like people naturally find ways to acquire and produce food and keep themselves sanitary and invent things to make their lives easier so maybe the answer is just... what if we did that thing society is supposed to and pool and redistribute all our resources to make life easier for everyone

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@myconidiosyncrasy it's worked for a number of cultures. We just have to bring the current European/Western system to an end to make room for rational anarchy, communism, gift economy, whatever you want to call it. Although names do have power, so we'll probably want someone Indigenous to put a label on it.

@myconidiosyncrasy My memory's a bit hazy, but I seem to recall reading that the NRA arts programs during the Depression basically did just that.

@flugennock i'm reading about this now and it's fucking fascinating

@myconidiosyncrasy Actually, now that I think of it, I may have misremembered; I think it was actually the WPA which had the arts program.

@myconidiosyncrasy this is one reason why I'm releasing all my work nowadays under Creative Commons or no licensing at all. There's a LiberaPay on my website at wanderingbeekeeper.neocities.o if people want to help make this idea a reality.

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