people who watch anime 🀝 people who do not watch anime

"anime fucking sucks"

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@myconidiosyncrasy (...unless this is a joke, in which case, I'm sorry, we had no clue!)

@IceWolf it is a joke and also not a joke. it was like.... meant to be funny but is also fairly accurate imo

@IceWolf [deep breath] Anime Is A Vast Genre That Covers An Enormous Range Of Different Types Of Productions Many Of Which Are Artistic Masterpieces And/Or Just Fun To Watch That Being Said The Genre Is Also Inundated With Huge Problems And I Can Be Critical Of Both Those And Some Of It's General Quality While Still Enjoying Consuming It

@IceWolf πŸ‘ yeah not just tryna like.... shit on the entire field of "animated series made in japan" i Adore a lot of animes and i have fun watching them but also a Huge amount of it is unfortunately :/ A Bit Yikes. but then again this is also just a media-in-general problem

lewd joke 

Can confirm, have watched lots of hentai and the *fucking* scenes suck.πŸ˜’

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