[puts some coffee and a very fancy microscope on a comically large fishing rod and dangle s it hopefully in a college study room]

the need: hello i'm tristan and i want to know some things about being a biologist (preferably a marine biologist) who does field work

the actions: would u be willing to dm/or email with me while i ask you some questions and get some pointers on where to do more research??

the Reward: i am poor But i can draw (digital&tradish) and i can make jewelry! i would be rly excited to work out a labor exchange for ur knowledge

Boost Appreciated :boost_ok:

firsthand experience is not required just being knowledgeable in the area would be cool! and while marine biology would be tight pretty much anyone with experience with sciencey research would be nice

@myconidiosyncrasy @FirstProgenitor hewwo yes i'm here

uh i just got a bachelor's so i didn't get that specific i'm afraid

it's also a bachelor of arts dual-majored with english to get me out of having to take organic chemistry L M A O

@myconidiosyncrasy @FirstProgenitor not proper-ass ones where you get like credit in a paper! just some occasional lab shit (like "to teach you how to use a pipette and what PCR is, we're going to hike to a top of a mountain, swab some rocks, and then see whatcha got")

writing them is a bit like pulling teeth tbh. i would like to take the passive voice rule out back and ol' yeller it straight in the head

@wigglytuffitout @FirstProgenitor :0!! would you be interested in talking to me some about it?? if not that's totally cool. i can provide various Arts & Crafts (can draw, make jewelry, 3d print and some other stuff) in exchange for your knowledges

@myconidiosyncrasy @FirstProgenitor tbh my advice for bio research projects is about the same as my advice for regular english essays:

go waaaaaaaaaaaaay more specific than you think you need

if you have like five million possibilities you're going to get overwhelmed and not be able to give any of them proper time and attention, which is just kind of unsatisfying and harder to wring a good grade out of.

it's better to pick one, rather stupidly specific thing, and then just wring the absolute fucking dickens out of it.

bio-specific, always keep good lab notes and always write plenty in the lab report section that's "how did you fuck this up and how could we do it better the next time". biology is nice because quite frankly there will always be some fuckup. there's an element of shit that is just out of your hands the way it isn't in a chem lab or a physics lab. sometimes the other living critters just Don't Show The Fuck Up.

and this is great actually! because if you can explain how you might have fucked up, you'll be showing teachers that you actually know the subject. because everyone fucks up. aaaabsolutely everybody. biology is like that. sometimes things go to plan, sometimes you accidentally glue yourself to the crocodile instead of the tracker to the crocodile. sometimes the bacteria behaves, sometimes you accidentally piss on a cheetah's favourite tree and get chased out of its territory for the next two weeks. Y'KNOW, NORMAL SCIENCE SHIT (those stories are thankfully not mine but there was a wonderful hashtag with such things on them lmao)

and absolutely! i will do my best to provide, i ain't need any like payment prolly unless you're like "I NEED THESE 15 HIGH-FLYING TECHNICAL PAPERS TRANSLATED INTO NORMAL PERSON SPEAK, STAT" lmfaooo. i'm happy to help as much as the wiggly disabledy brain allows!

@wigglytuffitout ahh this is so cool and such good specifics. would it be ok to dm u once i come up w a list of q's?? again it is No Problem if u take a look and are like "nah actually don't have the energy for this" i kno everyone has A Lot going on

@myconidiosyncrasy yeah that'd be totally fine! i'll help with whatever i can :D for the rest honestly - especially if you're looking for like, "oh god how do i put these words together right" advice - totally look to if your campus has some like writing tutors. they'll be a bit more familiar with like what standard your teacher is gonna be looking for.

for other bio questions i will do my best!! ^ 0 ^

@myconidiosyncrasy my undergrad degree was in biology but I've ended up in environmental/atmospheric science. The 'fish people' are on the other side of my work building so I might be able to help if you don't get a direct hit on a trained marine biologist. Feel free to dm me

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