[puts some coffee and a very fancy microscope on a comically large fishing rod and dangle s it hopefully in a college study room]

the need: hello i'm tristan and i want to know some things about being a biologist (preferably a marine biologist) who does field work

the actions: would u be willing to dm/or email with me while i ask you some questions and get some pointers on where to do more research??

the Reward: i am poor But i can draw (digital&tradish) and i can make jewelry! i would be rly excited to work out a labor exchange for ur knowledge

Boost Appreciated :boost_ok:

@myconidiosyncrasy my undergrad degree was in biology but I've ended up in environmental/atmospheric science. The 'fish people' are on the other side of my work building so I might be able to help if you don't get a direct hit on a trained marine biologist. Feel free to dm me

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