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gruesome imagery, fetishization of discarded humanity 

it's wild how i just say whatever the fuck i want about DMC and never have to worry about losing followers

my takes are hotter than fresh brewed coffee but it's all in service of making DMC into an icon of flamboyance


- DmC Dante is the most bratty bottom of bottoms
- Nero is at least bisexual
- There was no right for V to be that GORGEOUS how DARE you make me fall for an aspect of Vergil, Itsuno-sama
- As far as I'm concerned Kyrie is an elaborate beard
- DmC Dante is the most bratty bottom of bottoms

rlly everything about Ninja Theory's conceptualization for DmC was astoundingly crap, borderline homophobic, and straight up misogynistic

I'd like to repeatedly kick the taint in of whoever it was who said Lady and Trish were just "hookers with guns"

tbh that's what infuriates me the most about DmC: Devil May Cry now. I saw THOSE slides, and-- how dare you imply Dante's not at the very least a little bit bi

How dare, DiNO

Fuck you, DiNO, your obnoxiously-homophobic self-insert's hot and I'd hogtie him and build a brat in a heartbeat.

today on 'nuro whinges about DMC':

this boy was a bottom; you can't convince me otherwise.

you can't pay me to believe Kyrie exists

Kyrie is just Patty calling Nero from a payphone so he can sell the idea to Nico that he's dating someone

i.e. she's a fraud the boy's at least bi

When Torres prepared his bed for the first time, but Mobius walked all over it with his dirty boots over the crisp white sheets of Torres’ bed that he had just made.

goal for 2020 is developing much more of a "fuck it" attitude again

<< Yellow 13, why don't you come see me in my quarters? >>

<< Not now, Yellow 4! I can't stop thinking about that pilot... >>

<< This is PJ from Crow Team. >>
<< Galm 2, is there a problem with your craft? >>

<< Nah... I'm just **sad.** >>

Note: scraping the earth at 20 meters high is something I can only do in endgame frames

I've seen pilots take the F-15c to _5 meters_ before and I'm just sitting here with my *heart in my throat* like "you fucking madman oh my god"

20 meters above the ground, with my cockpit staring up at solid ground above me

There's nothing that feels better than being an Ace


<< Can you see any borders from here? What have borders given us? >>

<< We're going to start over from scratch. That's what V2 is for. >>

As a childhood Ace Combat fan, this is the *most beautiful goddamn thing I ever did see.*

"the semi-sentient fuckers should be grateful i didn't delete them for taking up hard drive space"

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