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Где мой молоко, мама? У меня есть не молоко

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in light of issues regarding dead instance impersonation, I am currently squatting the domain of my previous instance.

If you're concerned about content you posted there, feel free to DM me. It should not be possible for anyone to access it as long as I own the domain.

AFAIK, even if the posts are cached in other instances' servers, the photos should not be accessible.

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Making a new post to be pinned cause I've gotten a lot of follow requests recently!

I try to keep my follower count small, and will likely not approve a follow if I'm not familiar enough with you yet. No hard feelings, please don't take it as an insult!

Dude’s like 50 and just hangs out with 19 year olds

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me: i want to stop playing video games so much. i want to get to a point where i only play on my switch like for a little on the weekends here and there

also me: I Should Become A Cod Zombies Streamer

mh drugs 



Chicken noodle soup is like if you boiled a salt flavored lacroix and put overcooked bits of chicken and pasta into it

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i can't believe people pretend to like chicken noodle soup. you couldn't make a blander soup if you used old dishwater

oh no, i just took a shower and cant find my clothes..... and the mech has only one seat 😳

The popularity of video games is a psyop by tech companies to make teenagers want to get into computer science so then the labor market gets flooded and they get cheaper labor

that limp bizkit cover art is the worst thing to look at ever

wait 9 mens morris is in assassins creed 4

ok but really i'm like this close to founding my own masonic offshoot

mafia guys drawing lots on who gets to be called something cool like 'the knife' and who's going to be called something like 'nose' or 'shorty'

no no Giorno and Bruno were two different guys in golden wind

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