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in light of issues regarding dead instance impersonation, I am currently squatting the domain of my previous instance.

If you're concerned about content you posted there, feel free to DM me. It should not be possible for anyone to access it as long as I own the domain.

AFAIK, even if the posts are cached in other instances' servers, the photos should not be accessible.

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Making a new post to be pinned cause I've gotten a lot of follow requests recently!

I try to keep my follower count small, and will likely not approve a follow if I'm not familiar enough with you yet. No hard feelings, please don't take it as an insult! see what all the fuss is about baby

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I'm gonna stream Among Us public matches starting right now

warning, tik tok includes a NSFW song and lewd/suggestive text and dance 

the "grinding" move is what people are memeing, he does it so much in his videos and it looks so funny, although that's not to say he's anything but an amazing dancer. It's like how does his body move like that

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I finally found the guy on tiktok that does this dance move that's hilarious and mesmerizing that keeps getting memed

The appeal to me of places typically thought of as bougie is not the idea of being an "upper class" person but being a scumbag invading the bougie safe spaces and making them uncomfortable

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Ayzha Nyree no guidance remix making my headphones perspire

mfers on here will boost a post about shitting my pants but not slashing the tires on a tesla, I see how it is. buncha fuckin elon musk stans around here

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holy shit i'm a year and a half late but denzel curry covered bulls on parade and it's really good

i'm gonna stream among us later tonight i think :)

i dont think i heard a single person talk about it after it was out

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