Curfews are a great example of how law works in this country. They don't create the curfew because they think it will prevent a behavior from happening, they create the curfew because they want a legal reason to throw you in jail and attack you. they create laws as justification to target specific people they hate.

@nutt people implicit with, and supporting curfews are cops and should not be trusted under any circumstance.

@nutt one of my friends (who lives in chicago) got an emergency notification from their phone that said "Curfew in effect for Chicago until further notice from 9P-6A. Essential workers exempt." and i immediately knew that that was just the chicago PD preparing for riots by instituting a curfew for the rest reason mentioned in your post

@nutt ah, just like when your employer sets standards literally no one can meet and selectively enforces them against people they want to get rid of

@nutt this has been playing out in parts of India for years now.
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