i'm actually really fucking angry 

mark and patricia mccloskey. you've probably seen a photo of them. these fucking evil shitheads are the white married couple who own their own law firm and live in a fucking PALACE on the wealthy side of one of the most dramatic poverty divisions in the fucking country. The delmar divide has been in international news for how fucking evil and astonishing the leap in wealth is from south to north on one fucking street.


i'm actually really fucking angry 

these motherfuckers aimed loaded fucking guns and screamed like demonic entities out of the deepest pits of hell at protestors who were just walking past their fucking PALACE that they fucking live in. Patricia McCloskey had her index finger firmly wrapped around the fucking trigger of her pistol as she aimed it at people who dared exercise their first amendment rights in her vicinity. These people should be dead. The world would be better if they were killed.

i'm actually really fucking angry 

There is no redeeming or reeducating or rehabilitating people like this. It's not worth the energy. It's not possible. This is what we build guillotines for. These are the enemy. The face of evil, selfishness, prejudice, inequality, oppression, and they fucking live in my fucking city. Burn the palace and give them the wall.

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i'm actually really fucking angry 

@nutt it is wild to me that they have not been dibarred or disciplined in any way for brandishing.

i'm actually really fucking angry 

@ItsJenNotGabby i'm still holding out hope on disbarrment cause like. i mean jesus

re: i'm actually really fucking angry 


Its so fucking sickening and I wish i could have put it in as good of words as you did. Ashamed to share a zip code with this fucking filth.

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