I HATE the word expat. Just say immigrant like, what.
More specifically, I hate white people using the word expat, bcs they're literally going to say "immigrant" for poc and "expat" for white people. Yikes.
I correct people whenever they call me an expat like no sir, that ain't me.
Ofc if poc want to use expat for themselves I understand it's more complex, but in general I would just scrap that word away entirely, make people uncomfortable & just say immigrant all the time & watch them squirm.

@lokenstein that makes a lot of sense. i think it's worth thinking about the definitions too; "expatriate" puts the emphasis on the place you're leaving, and "immigrant" puts the emphasis on the place you're arriving to. one could say that part of the prejudice in using "immigrant" for BIPOC and "expat" for whites is in thinking that like, the western or european country is held as supreme or more important.

@lokenstein like, using "immigrant" for someone who has come to the USA emphasizes that the important country in the exchange is the USA. "expat" for someone who leaves the USA similarly emphasizes that the USA is supreme, even in a negative context, the USA is the important country in the exchange


@lokenstein I also don't think that *everyone* who uses these terms this way is doing this, but perhaps it's a bit subconscious.

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