this wrestler was wearing jorts, which he ripped off to reveal spandex shorts patterned like jorts. after some fighting he rips off his spandex jorts to reveal - another pair of identical spandex jorts. the opponent grabs him by his hair which is revealed to be a wig. the wig is thrown to the ground and dramatically zoomed in on. the guy gets punched in the nuts and doesn't flinch, then carefully undoes and pulls out the cup he's wearing. wrestling rocks

whoa you got a link where I can see this because that sounds like art to me

@esvrld i cant remember if youve seen the 'game' i made based on that tweet

@pre when he pulled the first pair of jorts off and yano was screaming and covering his eyes in the corner

@gonzo i wanted to include something about the dvds but i wouldnt even know where to start lmao. by gawd thats sister act 2

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