recent market data shows the curvy wife market may reach maximum saturation within the next 12-18 months. most analysts are recommending you diversify your portfolio and expand into boxish husbands or convex children for the time being.

whoever thinks CAKE’ pressure chief is bad... come outside i just want to talk

nothing will ever be funnier to me than dunking on wordy capitalists with phrases like "suck on dienda deez nuts nerd"

Everyone has a purpose for which they were put on this Earth and after much meditation and reflection I now realize mine is to write a bangin’ erotic DnD campaign.

important question: which pokemon is the biggest ska fan

god i just opened a tweet tagged with mh and got excited for monster hunter content and when it was about mental health i spent 30 seconds just squinting at my phone in confusion someone just put me to bed i am not ready for this world just yet

You say "champagne tastes like pee" but I say "piss is the champagne of bodily fluids"

are meme commissions a thing yet like why can i not pay someone to take julien by crj and replace all the juliens with jenna marbles screaming JULIAAAAN or put clips of yakuza over brad talking about big boys

I really cannot overstate how much I enjoy public transit, it's so handy.. you can be as social or antisocial as you want and you can just chill and read or play games or post while you are transported publicly to your destination.. I know not everyone has it available and I wish it were more wide spread
more transit now

Stop thinking about relaxation as a guilty indulgence, and start thinking about it as an essential component of your physical and mental routine. Whether it's taking rest days from working out (which are essential for your muscles to repair and regrow), or unwinding with a videogame or TV on the sofa after a period of work (which is essential for you to unwind and process through stress), you deserve, and are not just allowed, but ENCOURAGED, to relax. If you need permission, you have mine. GO.

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