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so i haven't had a pinned toot yet and i figure its about time
yo! my name is jonas aka jojo. im one of the mods here at and also a chemist living in michigan. i am also a gay/queer aromantic genderqueer person, though i typically refer to myself with masculine language (boi/man). pronouns are he/they. I'm a hobby artist that enjoys drawing furries with the occasional human thrown in.
my dms are always open for mod stuff & chat and i can be reached on telegram @ makeritualnoise

firefox updated and birdsite no longer works i'm freed :birdsite: :birdsite: :birdsite:

animal crossing 

the fall update is LIVE 🎃

if you don't see it press + on the home screen and select software update from the menu that pops up

why are people talking about horsefucking

did mr hands rise fwom his gwave?

here is my sworn statement, that I will vote by mail-in ballot, for gary Johnson in the presidential election


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Yes, I’m an undecided voter, and yes my entire dick and balls are stuck in the neck of a coke bottle.

cancel the vp debate and replace it with the sons debate

well lads, i did it. i installed linux on my ass.

uspol debate 

i ate an edible like an hour early so i know it's not that. this is just legitimately hilarious

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uspol debate 

this debate is so fucking funny holy shit

"opinions are my own, boosts/faves =/= endorsement"

ya well Jean-Paul Sartre would argue that you have granted a toot importance by mere interaction, and therefore your boost is a commitment on behalf of all mankind

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