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let me apologize now that i am terrible at proofreading anything i post ever and have fat little sausage fingers so just ask me if you arent sure what im saying

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so i haven't had a pinned toot yet and i figure its about time
yo! my name is jonas aka jojo. im one of the mods here at and also a chemist living in michigan. i am also a gay/queer aromantic genderqueer person, though i typically refer to myself with masculine language (boi/man). pronouns are he/they. I'm a hobby artist that enjoys drawing furries with the occasional human thrown in.
my dms are always open for mod stuff & chat and i can be reached on telegram @ makeritualnoise

i feel like it’s important to promote diversity in metal, so check out this sick band fronted by a black woman: Oceans Of Slumber. melodic doomy black metal stuff. more clean vocals than screams though. the song right after this one on the album is a cover of Moody Blues’ Knights In White Satin. it’s so good.

every day i work hard getting the best deals for monads online users. only the greatest deals on monads dot online is brought to you by
- the James L Knight Foundation
- Atlassian Corporation: maker of team collaboration tools like Jira and Confluence
- the Corporation for Public Bshitposting
- and readers like you. thank you

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i lost like 2 really good isaac runs today to dumb bullshit because im still Very Bad at dodging and im still mad about it

you ever think about how a cisgender heterosexual man can put on leggings to go running, not tuck, and enter a coffeeshop to have a full conversation while strangers can see the veins on his dick but if I have a moose-knuckle in my leggings or a gay man wears tight pants it's a federal fucking issue

anarchist library voice

Lets talk about fetishism in Africa. Heres a bunch of white people's opinions on the subject.

honestly think i prefer he/they because while i have concerns about people i dont know using they to invalidate my weird masculinity i also really dont like how just using he/him looks on me

*at the bank* okay, so old dead presidents have gotta be public domain, right? if you can give me a $10m loan, i can double that in three years by putting lincoln into all sorts of monkey shit. abe escabe. going abe. i bet we could even get devito onboard for that one.

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swedish techno ec 

hey does anyone remember BASSHHSSAB

its a fuckin banger and makes me want to go punch some cops and/or brits

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come out ye black n tans made it on my 2021 wrapped playlist

Me (looking for onions): dónde están mis pommes de terre

hershey's chocolate? what about hishe's chocolate

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