One day, the inventor of USB will die.

They will try to lower his casket into the grave.

It won't fit.

They'll have to raise it out, turn it around, and lower it in the opposite way.

Then it will go in.

so Michigan pharmacies handed out free Narcan today. no id or even a name needed so it's not like they were stalking addicts. hope i never have to use it, but i got it on hand if need be!

mh (---), su!c 

anyway, give people a path to farming that always them to farm smartly, humanely, for both the earth and the animals and themselves. without farmers, we don't eat. and no corporation need be involved in that.

as someone who grew up on a farm and learned from an early age to relish where my food came from, the amount of work that goes into it, and building a relationship with your animals to give them the best life possible in thanks for giving me sustenance, there is no feasible way for me to continue that. even on a small scale, its up to my landlord if i can plant a garden, let alone if i wanted to raise a few chickens. no landlord would allow that.

wanna farm for meat? well unless you wanna sell your soul to tyson and be required to keep your chickens in absolutely inhumane conditions, you'll never afford building coops without a second mortgage. hogs are the same way.

like my dad dreamed of having a farm and was able to find paid work as a farm hand in the goddamn 70s and then, while working a factory job and my mom working as a desk jockey saved enough to buy a small but not necessarily modest sized farm. i can't even afford to buy myself a newish car, let alone a 350k tractor. and you're not doing shit without a tractor, a plow, a planter, or a combine. even hay requires a mower, rake, and a baler.

can we talk about how unless you inherit a farm and/or sell your soul to a giant corporation, there's really no way for a young person to become a farmer?

My new book, The Potato Secret is gonna be coming out in 6 months. Learn how the natural wicking properties of the humble potato can remove toxins from your body and help you to live your best life

white ppl will in fact do anything if you tell them itll cleanse them of toxins, which is ironic cuz they are the toxins

Hey y’all, quick thread from your friendly neighborhood survivalist about hurricanes

trying to get one of my jokes is like pulling teeth, call me dentist miller

today's date is a palindrome so i bid you to do your civic duty and hop in your racecar, police radar be damned, and visit the madam at the shack by the river. grab yourself a kayak, get it level on the water, and be sure to refer to her guidance if this is you first time. floating is a hell of a reviver, and you'll feel deified in the cool breeze of fall. There's no way you'll find yourself saying "Dammit I'm Mad!" so enjoy!

@bmacbride are you still taking animal crossing commissions? I'd like to get two if at all possible!

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