Good morning. The time is 6:36 AM, Central Standard. Dana woke me up with thumping and yowling at the open window so loud, I can only assume that she saw either a demonic presence hell-bent on possessing my household OR another cat.

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terrified my coworkers today by knowing most of the lyrics to mambo no 5

i am a powerful and frightening being

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The Progressive Plantation, by Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin is a short (short-ish) writing about Lorenzo's experiences with racism within anarchist and supposedly anti-racist organizations over the past several years. Lorenzo basically outlines many of the common pitfalls white organizers fall into to perpetuate white supremacy within our own movements, often even co-opting and tokenizing the energy of black and other POC comrades in the process. I'd highly recommend this to other white anarchists and leftists in general.

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Please add me I will water ALL YOUR FUCKING FLOWERS

a message from

we are not web developers, we are paranormal investigators

"when have i been racist? i need proof"

*literally says the phrase "clout piรฑata" in reference to an instance for and by latine and indigenous users*

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