Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Version 1.1.2
Fixed bug where your villagers would call visiting players of Italian heritage “Guidos”

cytokine storm sounds like a high level spell a mage would use

can't believe i missed make fun of italians day because i was watching the mandalorian fuckin star warms

pol snark 

tired of this "nook miles" shit

they're nookies

you did it all for the nookies

ass so big flat earth theorists claim it has no curvature

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i have come to the important conclusion that if my cat were a human, he'd be a himbo

Friends who have met him agree with me

First night of spring: magnolias that seemingly came up overnight and the evening star

i bought a switch so if anyone would like to add me as a friend, dm your friend code! rn i only have pokemans sword and katamari but ill have new horizons tomorrow. my code is 6496 6625 5982

Economic inequality is such a bro issue. Why can't the bros talk about REAL things, like Woody Allen being cancelled?

them, a thirsty furry: im thinkin about fucking you
me, a scholar: im thinking about whether i could take a sea lion in a fight

Drawn nudity, blood, promotional 

I forgot my water bottle and had to get water out of the soda fountain and it carbonated it, which it does not usually do, I think the soda fountain was just bored and lonely and wanted to show me what it could do

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