fanfiction where captain ahab and the whale have to get a hotel room together and get this: there's only one bed

when are we cancelling sweet potatoes because fuck those lil orange bastards

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the author of animorphs has a trans daughter and is good mom

no homestuck sucks all the enemies were such damage sponges

Sure tough to make a livin, but a possum's gotta try

Who is an effective combat beast? Is it you? Is it you? The question is rhetorical. It is you.

it may be 2019 but that's not going to stop me from rewatching all of epic swedish meal time

@gazelle low-fi hip hop beats for sea gazelle to read the Communist manifesto to

dr horse: neigh
nurse: but that'll surely kill him
dr horse: neigh
nurse: i cant do it!! he'll die
cuddy: do it... he's the best damn doctor in this hospital

Don't let anyone tell you trans people are "just regular people leading normal lives." Do "regular people" achieve a moderate success on a niche, far-left, social media platform most people haven't heard of? What stage of a "normal life" are you supposed to get jealous of slime because it gets fucked more than you? Come on

man idk what it is but napping when the sun is out is such a joy like maybe I'm actually a cat

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