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so i haven't had a pinned toot yet and i figure its about time
yo! my name is jonas aka jojo. im one of the mods here at and also a chemist living in michigan. i am also a gay/queer aromantic genderqueer person, though i typically refer to myself with masculine language (boi/man). pronouns are he/they. I'm a hobby artist that enjoys drawing furries with the occasional human thrown in.
my dms are always open for mod stuff & chat and i can be reached on telegram @ makeritualnoise

my sleep schedule has been the same all summer and its infuriating.

go to bed at 3am, have annoyingly light episodes of sleep until 5am, get up and eat a snack and take 3 benadryl, sleep til 1pm.

Like can i just fucking go to bed and stay there and sleep? please?

Sirenhead is what happened when all the members of the band Radiohead decided to form an ultron.

pro tip: if you want me to cry, just send me any video that the dodo puts up and i will cry

TIL that the lead singer of christian hardcore band as i lay dying (a band i liked in high school) spent 3 years in prison because he tried to hire an undercover pig to kill his estranged ex wife

he also remarried less than a year after being paroled

supposedly someone will actually be coming to clean it up tomorrow but I'll believe it when i see it.
and if anyone is wondering why i or anyone didnt just clean it up and be done with it, then the answer is: fuck that. They inherited this problem, and if they want me or any of the others to clean it up, then they can pay me.

Landlords suck and they all need to be put against the wall.

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When we had our city inspection this past week, I got into it with the landlord. He said that he had sent his people out AGES ago to clean it up and now theres TRASH HERE AGAIN.
Except he never sent anyone out, which is obvious because ITS THE SAME SHIT.
So now I get my another set of texts today saying clean it up or we'll be fined. And once again I have to explain to them that it's not any of the tenants, it was there before they took over, it is THEIR responsibility.

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The current company belongs to a guy who had his FIRST company shut down by the state for being that bad. This 2nd try also rented an illegal apartment to my cousin. They also put fake eviction notices on her door when she didn't pay by the 1st, even if she had notified them of being late.
They're real scumbags.
So this shit has been there since before these guys took over and every year, they text everyone to tell them to clean it up or we'll be fined.
And I tell them its their job.

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She also had a habit of I guess finding broken furniture with what I'm guessing is plans to repair it and use it. Which... She never did. That chair you can see used to be mostly in tact, but 2 years of being out in the elements has left it in that condition.
They were later evicted by the original landlords.
Then the owner of the property decided having a company that required him to upkeep his property cost too much and went with the current company.

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So, I've been living here 3 years. When I originally moved in, there was a different property management company running the building (its a house that was split into 3 apartments) and can say in all 14 years I've been renting, they've been the only decent landlords I've had.
The upstairs apartment at that time had been rented to a pair of girls, one of which was... A lot. Constant screaming and throwing thing arguments with whoever was her boyfriend at the time.

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the secret to posing well for a fashion picture is to just pretend you're a joestar

dinosaur game is very chill and very fun but can i PLEASE unlock more dinos please IM TIRED OF BUILDING GIFT SHOPS

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