so i haven't had a pinned toot yet and i figure its about time
yo! my name is jonas aka jojo. im one of the mods here at and also a chemist living in michigan. i am also a gay/queer aromantic genderqueer person, though i typically refer to myself with masculine language (boi/man). pronouns are he/they. I'm a hobby artist that enjoys drawing furries with the occasional human thrown in.
my dms are always open for mod stuff & chat and i can be reached on telegram @ makeritualnoise

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@ritualnoise hello from another Michigan person! What kind of chemistry do you do?

@sashakovich aww yay! im currently working for a lab that does chemical analysis for environmental safety. so testing lots of waste water and then soil and water for nasties for like, developers. they also recently started doing pfas testing, though i don't work with that. mostly im doing tests for things like hexavalent chromium (erin brokovich stuff), ammonia, phosphorus... buncha other stuff that is non-volatile.

@ritualnoise that sounds both rad af and also incredibly tedious in almost equal amounts

@sashakovich it can be? like the autosampler tests you have to kinda babysit because out machines are old and finicky, but most of the time you can just fuck off. We do a lot of colorimetric tests which are what they say on the tin so it never gets old seeing a clear sample suddenly turn a deep blue (phos) or a deep magenta (hexachrome). my fave is sulfide which goes from like straw yellow to a deep teal & with calibration you get a really pretty gradient.

@ritualnoise wow, someone really went “carcinogens, but make them aesthetic”

@sashakovich lmfao for real

though i will say, transition metals like chromium are really neat and almost always have really neat colors given their ionization. just google transition metals and look at all the neat colors. this chart gives you an idea. manganese is one of my faves.

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