:blobcatrainbow: pride sale bonanza!!! :blobcatrainbow:

on top of the pride icon ych's i've decided that all my commissions are $5 off for the whole month of june! if you want something larger or more custom, then now's your time to do so! All prices based on a full body image!
Inks: $20
Flat Color: $35
Shaded Color: $55
Icon: $20
Ref Sheet: $70+

please DM me or message me on tele @makeritualnoise

@ritualnoise o rite

it turns out very much that i might have forgot abt this and also might have not got money for it this month

in lieu of that i will do a boost for you and also a semi promise of hittin you up for an icon in july instead '3';;

@avie no worries! i appreciate the thought nonetheless, along with the boost! cheers! :bongoCat:

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