completed pride icon for @ouroboros

kobolds are so much fun to draw no wonder they're popping up everywhere!

i'm still open for these for $20! dm if interested

@ritualnoise kobolds good, jonas good, jonas art good, yes yes,

@avie ngl i'm kinda jealous because the vr chat kobold is SO nice with all the textures compared to the one in second life i have

except i have a seal mod for my kobold so WHO'S LAUGHING NOW

(everyone because we are all enjoying kobolds collectively)

@ritualnoise anyway idk if ill have the money for one later on this month after certain expenses but if i do i mayyyyy perhaps be interested in getting a cute icon from you :blobpeek:

@avie absolutely! hit me up whenever (i totally get the money sitch) :> just lemme know!

@ritualnoise nyam~ if you dont hear back from me about it in like....a week from now, then gimme a nudge cos theres a chance i might have completely forgotten i said this lmfao

my memory is like swiss cheese frankly

@avie i will definitely try to! my memory is, as well, swiss cheese. i'll make a note to myself to message you next monday on my sticky note because that is basically the only guiding force in the chaos of my existence lol

@otter thank you so much! i'm always about bringing up the vibrations :bobdance:

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