trauma (educational) 

so doing a training called trauma across the lifespan for work and this slide came up and its just, such an elegant way to explain the reaction to trauma children have vs adults. because the point of fight or flight is to get that person or thing AWAY from you... But children have to rely on people, maybe even the people causing the trauma, so they are stuck in that place of being unable to push away, so they dissociate. As we become independent, it shifts.

art, blood, self harm, body horror 

man the cw for this are scare but im really happy with how this came out

this is of mellon cholle and filth, who belongs to a looong time friend. we made this characters when we were like, 14, almost 20 years ago and this just popped into my head after too much smashing pumpkins

its been an hour and a half without a single call or chat so here, have a sketch of jacoby

finally got around to drawing my MHA OC/standalone character. character was an adopt by fright night that i initially named oingo boingo and now it's stuck. his quirk is WOLF POWER with a sense of smell so strong he can 'see' the trails ala synesthesia. he focuses on search and rescue, primarily missing person's cases and those who are lost in treacherous wilderness.

me: god im so fucking rusty at mahjong im just fucking up so hard

>1 round later


minami daisaku from yakuza 4, the junior leader of the majima family

been working on and off on this for a few months, and by that i mean i sketched it and inked it a few months ago and then colored and shaded it tonight lol

completed pride icon for @ouroboros

kobolds are so much fun to draw no wonder they're popping up everywhere!

i'm still open for these for $20! dm if interested

:blobcatrainbow: pride sale bonanza!!! :blobcatrainbow:

on top of the pride icon ych's i've decided that all my commissions are $5 off for the whole month of june! if you want something larger or more custom, then now's your time to do so! All prices based on a full body image!
Inks: $20
Flat Color: $35
Shaded Color: $55
Icon: $20
Ref Sheet: $70+

please DM me or message me on tele @makeritualnoise

:blobcatrainbow: pride icon ych!!!! :blobcatrainbow:

choose between one with shades and a repugnant mix drink slushie, or one absolutely destroying a glizzy with your PRIDE.


dm me or reach me on tele @ makeritualnoise to get one

boosts hella appreciated :>

finished commission for my friend kit of its sona, ari! had a lot of fun with this while also learning a good bit :> all in all, really pleased with how this came out!

like, ive seen criticism of the band (or more specifically efrim's) politics being seen as unrealistically utopian but you cant tell me that this doesn't fucking own on top of an amazing albim

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