I'm jokerpilled
I'm smokerhands
I'm midnight tokechamp

actual photograph of me every time liberals rail against riots

@ritualnoise I'd say most of my shitposts are just conversations I've had

did i just toot a joke i made in the discord call?


no one will stop me

man, idk why but it stings so much more to get stomped by a whale in magic arena/duels than it does in person at like, fnm

little shrine in my bedroom with framed pictures of dril, jon bois, and erik commentiquette, where i burn salvia for them

the cis are at it again, transphobia mention 

imagine interrupting a trans person talking about experiencing transphobia to toot your own horn about what a good ally you are and that you're SOOO sorry they had to deal with that and that MAKES YOU SO MAD


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