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i reemember there being like a 8 month period where communism kills daily blogged on her tumblr about how much she hates the environmentalist movement because they made the water pressure in her shower lower on purpose, people reblgoged them constantly, it was hilarious

billion: 1,000,000,000
british billion: 1,000,000,000,000
international billion: 1.000 000'000

Saw a clip from the Jerry Springer show on discord, yesterday where Jerry brings the (at the time) leader of the KKK or something very similar on, and the crowd just fucking rushes the stages and beats the crap out of him. Like, Jerry Springer is a shithead and platforming klansman is obviously bad, but the result was hilarious.

thank god in person from now on is on friday because my shift is 4pm-12a and i am so fucking tired today because it takes me so long to decompress to where i can sleep that i got maybe 4 hours last night and i just

cannot focus

i know what she's talking about is VERY interesting but it's just *peanuts adult sounds*


"indigenous lands occupy 12.5% of brazil's territory"

did you mean: settlers occupied 87,5% of brazil's native lands

doin an 8hr shift thats solely just "get acclimated to the space"

thats it

boring but its free money

"severus snape was an incel" is one of those phrases people say in voice chats that causes me to explain in detail why he was actually nocel/we do not know enough about him to ascertain which type of cel he was

yakuza is made with two different design philosophies: 1) how many types of guy can we cram into one game and 2) dudes rock

kiryu doesn't know what sex is and fucks. majima does know what sex is and doesn't fuck

the one thing i've never respected is babies. they have no work ethic

finally got around to drawing my MHA OC/standalone character. character was an adopt by fright night that i initially named oingo boingo and now it's stuck. his quirk is WOLF POWER with a sense of smell so strong he can 'see' the trails ala synesthesia. he focuses on search and rescue, primarily missing person's cases and those who are lost in treacherous wilderness.

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