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today is one month til my surgery consult!!!! between gfm and saving stimulus money and squirreling away pennies, i have about half what i need saved based on the over the phone estimate, tho i will have more info after the consult on how much things will cost. in the meantime i really appreciate any shares πŸ–€

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hi everyone, i am open for commissions! :ACNH_Flourish:

i am available for painted avatars ($25) and painted illustrations with a simple background ($75+)... and everything in between!

you can check out my portfolio for more examples of my work, and contact me via commissio, email, or dm if you are interested πŸ–€

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me comparing my depression to the borg, and my relationship to myself to seven of nine’s relationship with herself, to trent rn

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*pens a supportive and loving missive and slaps a cute stamp that i think u will like on the envelope* 😀

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my oatmeal additions today are honey and sunflower seeds and it’s really good

time to dig around csp assets, that's always a fun time

i hope when i finish this drawing it gets enough boosts that people are like wow this is cute and gay... wait that shirt... is it.....

share/donate to help a black nonbinary sex worker who is being targeted by white supremacists

food, meat 

the chicken place that has been going in across the street is opening next week πŸ‘€

me watching venom: god i wish that were me

just remembered venom 2 this year and started vibrating

ive written scripts and done thumbnails for comics in the past but when it comes to actually drawing it i just, freeze up :/

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i was just scrolling and pazuzu ran over and slapped my phone out of my hand and ran away lmao???

you need to commission @shade omg this button he did of my kitty companion Luna is so good

Oh, didn't hear you come in. I was listening to Dream Longer by Sam Aleums, on bandcamp now

i know i don't share many wips but i think this is really cute

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working on this today. nice to do something just for me

sorry i have to ask but with the lockdown and continual snow my new job STILL isn't open yet so i have literally no income,,,, I need help to pay my rent and get food, pls help me if you can this shit sucks so much, anything helps :/

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