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since i’ve been asked more than once: feel free to follow request! i only have them locked to vet followers to avoid harassment/so i know who is following me. also please note i tend to only follow back if we’ve interacted in the past (or if i recognize you from interacting with people i trust.) even just one comment counts! but i’m here to interact with people not just blindly follow people i don’t talk to 🖤

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through the month of july take 40% off EVERYTHING in my shop - including original art!

more items to be added throughout the month

please help support my family as we make a big move to ensure our continued safety and happiness!

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not for nothing but i take artist trading card and postcard size gouache painting commissions now and i would love to paint something for you 🖤

atc - $20
postcard - $30

both include worldwide shipping! and members always get 15% off commissions~

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*pens a supportive and loving missive and slaps a cute stamp that i think u will like on the envelope* 😤

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i love that people have been buying my original paintings/art on the reg recently but it makes me so happy when my prints get sold too. those have all probably been my worst sellers in my shop (aside from the snake stamps that sold out) but i love them so much

i do sometimes reuse boxes when i’m mailing an order to someone i know but i always warn them ahead of time lol

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i think after the move i’ll switch to reusing packing materials more often like saving peanuts and other clean fill i get and stuff but i know some people don’t like that

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i also use paper fill sometimes for the recyclable aspect dw. but i can’t afford fancy paper padding for my framed paintings so bubble wrap it is

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advertising the bubble wrap i pack with as a bonus stim toy

“what’s an anarchist? someone who lives in antarctica?”

first batch of sale orders will be going out tomorrow!!!!!! so if you wanna be included in that batch place an order today!!

thank you for all your support with this sale so far it means so much to me :sadcat:

astrid came in after i had taken these down and knew i had rearranged some magnets (the ice cream and butterfly lol) she was like “uhhhhh why did you mess with these??????”

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if we got a full house it would look so empty bc we don't have a lot of furniture lol

found a three bedroom in our price in a different city but maybe further north than trent wanted :/

cute house listed on craigslist well within our price, in a different city tho. and.... they didn't leave a way to contact them lmao

"Interested in tenant with some handy-person skills and availability/interest to provide help with some project work"

really lmao ~_~

ALSO please stop listing apartments that aren't available wtf

i get it. pets are messy. i am more than happy to pay a little extra for you to repair whatever damage my asshole cats leave behind. HOWEVER. what is the point of a $350 pet deposit if i am also paying $50 per cat per month????

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pet rent AND a pet deposit is such a scam. one or the other dickheads

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