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hi everyone i went ahead and made an interest check for a monster boy zine!!!! please fill out and share this so i can get a gauge of what sort of zine this will be. the interest check will be open for the next month while i figure out a schedule and other logistics!!

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today is one month til my surgery consult!!!! between gfm and saving stimulus money and squirreling away pennies, i have about half what i need saved based on the over the phone estimate, tho i will have more info after the consult on how much things will cost. in the meantime i really appreciate any shares πŸ–€

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hi everyone, i am open for commissions! :ACNH_Flourish:

i am available for painted avatars ($25) and painted illustrations with a simple background ($75+)... and everything in between!

you can check out my portfolio for more examples of my work, and contact me via commissio, email, or dm if you are interested πŸ–€

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me comparing my depression to the borg, and my relationship to myself to seven of nine’s relationship with herself, to trent rn

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*pens a supportive and loving missive and slaps a cute stamp that i think u will like on the envelope* 😀

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appointment on monday officially confirmed ahhhhhhhhhh it’s happening

starting off my day getting deadname just to keep me on my toes

@shade this guy is trying to pretend he's too cool to want a hug

been googling cute outfits to get an idea of what i want her to wear and ,,,,, cute omg

i told trent i wanted to keep length in the front of my hair but idk about the back and he was like yea the quentin coldwater floppy bangs SHUT THE FUCK UUUUPPPPPPPPP

waiting to go for my run but i forgot to charge my phone and i NEED to wear headphones

i literally just changed it only a couple months ago but i’m already ready for a new twitter icon lol

maybe i’ll make one of salem

Hey so remember how I posted a thing and was like is this a fox? So yeah that was because I was making some tiny adorable animal friends. They are done now!

These wood pins are available here!

climbing into a giant coffee mug that says World's Biggest Dad

to my wife:
i love you more than tostino’s pizza rolls

(speaking of which could u please pop some in the oven ur so good at it love u sweetie xoxoxo)

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