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we are starting the process to save up for a big family move out of this hell state and somewhere we can be closer to people who love us, please consider commissioning me or checking out my shop if you’re ever in the need for art goods!! πŸ–€

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hi everyone, i am open for commissions! :ACNH_Flourish:

i am available for painted avatars ($25) and painted illustrations with a simple background ($75+)... and everything in between!

you can check out my portfolio for more examples of my work, and contact me via commissio, email, or dm if you are interested πŸ–€

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me comparing my depression to the borg, and my relationship to myself to seven of nine’s relationship with herself, to trent rn

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*pens a supportive and loving missive and slaps a cute stamp that i think u will like on the envelope* 😀

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*thinks about the robot chicken sketch where Mr. T teamed up with the foo fighters* ok, this is epic

Mutual aid request, need large sum, boost πŸ†— 

So I owe a bunch of money now that's gonna be really hard to lose because I'm still unemployed and it's still not safe for me to go to work. My husband's tax return is covering most of it but I'm still out around $600. Feeling super hopeless right now, this sucks.

So if you have some extra cash from your $600 or won the lottery or some shit I'm here

Venmo xenocat

#mutualaid #stimulus #broketrans #unemployed

body horror 

me watching fringe: ooo the brain melty one
trent: which one


fucked up if true 

i love exercising

astrid whenever she gets the ice cream cone early in candyland: :ohohoho_animated:

i turned off the skin editing thing in this app and it still smooths out my pimples the best it can lmao

but the filters are too cute so here we are

and a no filter selfie for good measure

tbh in spite of my acne i feel cute today

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fiona apple voice 

look at look at look at look at me

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dont open 

mpreg (mario pregnancy)

subtoot shitpost 

don’t mpreg (mario pregnancy)
open inside

one of the weirdest negging kinda compliments i got was β€œoh you still have that sweater haha cute” about the sweater i am wearing today which is nearly a decade old like yea why would i get rid of a perfectly good sweater

i’ve been taking more selfies recently if only bc i keep forgetting to film transition videos and maybe eventually i’ll see some progress lol

and a no filter selfie for good measure

tbh in spite of my acne i feel cute today

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