just give me a reason to break out my my melody stationary, i dare u 😀

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*pens a supportive and loving missive and slaps a cute stamp that i think u will like on the envelope* 😀

i wonder how many people see this and think it's a joke, i wonder, as i write a cute note on my my melody stationary

@shade Oh yeah, I love cute stationary! Maybe this is like, idk something I learned from Animal Crossing, but,

@IsabelleHellraiser same!! it makes me so happy, i used to have a huge collection but have burnt through it haha... might need to pick up some more soon.....

@shade Honestly I got like 6 lil pads of cute notepaper from a friend and was like "...well this is cute I want more of this"

I send u one of those so look forward to that!

@IsabelleHellraiser heck yea i can't wait!!

guess what i wrote a note to you on heehee

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