so far testosterone has made me *checks notes* incredibly calm, happy, and acne ridden



sh/intrusive thoughts mention but + 

i really cannot stress enough the positive effects testosterone has had for my mental health lol

coming out helped, and starting T helped even more

i don't remember the last time i had a violent intrusive thought or wanted to kill myself. these were things that occurred multiple times a month, exacerbated by pmdd

don't expect myself to be totally healed or whatever, but like, i'd say these are all great benefits

sh/intrusive thoughts mention but + 

@shade wow that sounds great, I have so many intrusive thoughts and I'm so glad you're free of that for now :blobcattransheart:

sh/intrusive thoughts mention but + 

@bright_helpings they really are the worst, and it's so hard to deal with them sometimes!! ty, and i hope u can find relief too :trans_heart:

@shade bein a lil stinkier and oilier than i’m used to is a fucking killer trade off for having healthy self esteem for the first time ever lmfao

@bee hell yea i feel the same exact way!!! and tbh i kinda like my new stink LOL

@shade i am still very much getting used to the new showering routine but wow the tradeoff is more than fair lmfao

@bee definitely! i made the mistake of skipping a day like i used to be able to do bc i was feelin a bit lazy and whew did i feel nasty :blobmelt:

@shade also!! i clearly lost ur acc in migrations but i still love the they/them pin i got from u ages ago, it’s holding up great 🖤

@bee ahhh yea i think when i moved here from awoochurch i lost some ppl too ~_~

but yay i'm so glad to hear it!!! tbh that is something i wonder about a lot, how well they hold up with regular use since i don't get to wear mine too much

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