hi everyone i went ahead and made an interest check for a monster boy zine!!!! please fill out and share this so i can get a gauge of what sort of zine this will be. the interest check will be open for the next month while i figure out a schedule and other logistics!!

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getting some strong interest in this so i am thinking of opening up mod applications in a week! i am looking for people to help with social media/discord and graphics

if you don't have experience moderating a zine of this scale that's fine! any relevant experience will be taken into consideration πŸ–€

i'm actually surprised people want a physical book LOL

that would be really cool but it's A LOT of work and depends solely on preorders to cover the cost. we'll see tho!!

@shade We do not recall being able to put our name down but we would be interested in writing πŸ‘€

@systemroot hell yea i would love that!! i am just collecting data on what people are interested in doing now, and then applications will be out next month/early june!!

@shade yo I've organized zines before! also am graphic designer, what kinda help would you be needing?

@pizza so as far as graphics go, i will need someone to make graphics for inside the book (whether it be pdf or a physical book) and graphics for social media for countdowns to relevant dates and such, as well as graphics for announcments etc. it's one of my weak spots so i would prefer to find someone able to do it πŸ˜…

i can compile it and everything, but whoever would help with graphics would also be a second set of eyes to make sure everything looks good before contributors look over it

@shade I can definitely help with that! Feel free to DM with specific details whenever you'd like to get started, I have a lot of free project time at the moment :blobdab:

@pizza hell yea!!! i'm not sure when i'm gonna get started, i wanted to wait until astrid's last day of school so i'll have more time for admin duties and going over applications and such, but i'll definitely be in contact!!

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