who needs tetris when u can just try to put groceries in a tiny freezer

just layered frozen veg and garlic bread in a very satisfying way it was like clearing a row

@shade who needs Tetris when you have two kids a cat a dog and one car and it's a Chevy spark

@shade yeah we're gonna need another car lol. I never wanted one car let alone two, but parenting is nothing if not learning when to compromise

@JohnBrownJr oh yea i feel that. even with one kid it’s nice to have a car with a bit of space. early this year we were able to finally get rid of our deathtrap sedan and got a rogue and i love it, it feels very spacious while still being small

@shade Here in Finland, we use the term 'Tetris' for this exact sort of activity. Such as cleaning your apartment: tetris. Putting things into any vehicle: Tetris.

Everyone my age and below knows what it means (: And likely a number of years older; maybe those who are 20 years older may not know. But they probably do due to having kids (:

@Truck @shade i often say “mission tetris” when i have to do that kind of things myself. I’m from France and it’s something i’ve heard quite often as well 👋

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