hey does anyone remember if anything really bad happens to puss in boots in shrek 2? we are watching it for family movie night tomorrow and i can’t remember but i wanna be able to warn astrid

(i know this is a weird question but she is Very Sensitive so we always tell her the entire movie before we watch it to soften the blow…. and she is already obsessed with puss in boots bc, well, he’s a cat, so i wanna be able to warn her adequately lol)

like we already told her the plot i just couldn’t remember this specifically

@xenophora oh ty i forgot about this site! it’s more of she has issue with emotional aggression than violence but i’ll still scroll thru that just in case

@shade I don't think anything happens really. He starts as a bad guy technically, and doesn't get changed by the transformation Shrek and Donkey go through. There might be something when they get arrested.

@rockario i just remembered the cops scene and started cackling lmao

anyway ty !!!

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