I posted about it already but...

The local lib org had a staffer catch covid. As of right now there seems to be no plan on them distributing the food and water (that is definitely just inside their doors and would just require someone with a key to pull the water outside twice a day). We absolutely do not have the funds to cover all of what won't go out this week, but we're trying to at least cover the water and get sandwiches out one evening.

I think we're going to be able to cover it with individual donations from inside and outside of WHOA and stretching our funds a bit, but it's frustrating this big (for a local) org with tons of fucking funding seems to have zero contingency plans or ability to improvise

They are also under the impression that putting out water is treating people like animals but saying "there's a spigot they can use" is not

@shade like... we're in year 3 of the pandemic and you're a well funded (and well paid) group. How do you not have plans for this?


@phillyis i feel like it just goes to show people’s thoughts toward it if there’s no contingency like oh it will be over soon or it won’t happen to us :/

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