food, fish 

oh my god this was so good i will definitely be making it again 🥰

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mfw trent makes fun of me for delicately shoveling sunflower seeds into my mouth


banana cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting!!!!!

it’s yummy 🥰


cakes are out!!!! they gotta cool completely before i frost them so i probably won’t be doing that til after dinner since i have my trans group today but they smell really good and look nice!!

i don't think i ever posted the first ever noodlings of my vampire On Here so here u go if ur into that sort of thing (ec)

i'm a soul factory
don't you wanna make sweet and tender love to me?
i'm a dream weaving man
don't you wanna be my friend?
🩸 :black_sparkling_heart: 🌙

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