re: lewd vampire poll 

@wigglytuffitout @FirstProgenitor new insult or something, cum dust

trans planet pin is now in my shop!

all money made from this pin will be saved for my top surgery 😊 :trans_heart:

trent mentioned 9 and 3/4 and there was a blissful moment where i was like what the hell is that and then i remembered

@witchy ok cool i'll look into it!! trent just got his bonus so we have a lil fun money and we're all gonna get some new games 😊

@witchy should i get this game like i have wanted for ages or u think just wait for the third one

we are all going for a ride in the car later and me and astrid are like lil puppies going CAR RIDE TIME FOR THE CAR :D??????

the crops* are coming in nicely

*my body hair

Requesting info - Florida, HRT 

@Cyborgneticz @witchy ikr!! it was a huge relief while i was waiting to see if my insurance would cover it which thankfully it does but honestly $30/month would have still been pretty manageable

Requesting info - Florida, HRT 

@Cyborgneticz @witchy yea they rule!! i can't recommend them enough. and they have nonbinary people on staff too, no one has ever gotten my name or pronouns wrong, i love them a lot

Requesting info - Florida, HRT 

@witchy @Cyborgneticz iirc they said they use their grants to try to make it so that the patient can pay at cost prices for the meds. i was worried if my insurance wouldn't cover my gel how much i would be paying and they said the most their patients usually pay for that is like $30

Requesting info - Florida, HRT 

@witchy @Cyborgneticz seconding finding lgbt clinics. i use spektrum in orlando and they have been incredible. they have patients all over the country and do everything telehealth. i already had a therapist who could send a letter but they have one on staff at spektrum to be able to write it. my meds are delivered to me in the mail, it's all really simple and worry free. and if they don't have insurance, spektrum gets grants and will help bring the price down

@bright_helpings ok i should say dogs definitely count too and i wish i could give gary scritches ;_;

@ChaosSkeleton i wanna line up all the skeletons i've drawn for u and other people to see my progression of getting better at drawing skeletons (even tho i like to draw toon ones a lot too lol)

he isn't On Here but i do show him all ur pets, jsyk

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