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no i DID NOT start a playlist for my next project I AM EDITING LIKE I SHOULD BE

do you enjoy my art? my posts? both?

i have a patreon that you can subscribe to to help support my work! i post stuff up at LEAST once a week! much of the content hits patreon long before it goes public, & some of it is exclusive and can't be found elsewhere! there's even NSFW content at least once a month!

tiers are affordable, ranging from $1 to $3 a month, & that gets you access to all my bases for free, exclusive discord channels, & commission discounts!


exercise, candy 

just finished my workout and trent returned from the store with a pack of peeps for me LOL


i did 50 squats and broke level 100 today πŸ’ͺ😈

@Jo @shade @FirstProgenitor Ghost Rider wins the X-Games every year and when it came out that he was using the powers of Hell to do it, they awarded him 3 more medals

@shade @FirstProgenitor He's won the Tour de France but they took his title away when they realized he used his supernatural abilities to win

korbin doesn't really like one of the new cat toys we got him but that's ok bc astrid loves it

about to revise a lowkey chase scene in my novel

(lowkey bc they are just running around a spaceship)

i'm too attached to the characters i'm extremely stressed at the circumstances they are in rn so editing is slow rn

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