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food, fish 

i am making this tonight and i am excited but also nervous bc i always get nervous cooking fish lol

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me every day since we got a working car: i could go get some boba right now

idk if i used that word right but it seemed to fit

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the zeitgeist of swapping vaccine stories is fascinating to me

trent ordered me a lil light box that was meant to take pics of minis so i could take nice pics of my shop stuff 😊

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Me in the car bursting with ideas when I can't write vs me when I sit down to write.

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vtubers (virtual tubers) aka digital potatoes

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Sorry to ask for help again but I'm about $50 short on rent and with my building having new owners, I really want to make sure it gets paid. I had it and then some bills cleared before the new owners set up the online payment portal. As always, I really appreciate anything anyone can spare and/or a boost and/or just being patient with this coming across your dash.


Cash App: $steviexmcfly

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i was thinking my next freebie sticker would be some boba tea so maybe i should do that :o

that would be the fanciest freebie sticker i’ve made to date haha

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i wanna try to make a clear vinyl sticker bc they are cool but idk what sort of design to do

i think a beverage of some sort may be the obvious choice, then i can draw
more boba, but idk

me: tries to give my friends free things



when i ran that peanut butter and ____ poll i took notes and we have been trying different things

today we tried it with that blackberry preserves and it rules

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@shade *khhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaannnn voice* etttttttttttttssssyyyyy *shakes fist*

trent said he’s not really a putting stickers on his computer kinda guy but he might still put my morn sticker on his new laptop 🥺🖤

fuck yea i found the machine sticker sheet from the hzd zine i modded, now to decide which one should go on my laptop

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