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give me a cinco-fone, i can call, nobody can call me, the battery lasts for one call and gives me horrific burns on my face when i use it

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i got a thing!! done up by @extinct !!!

featuring @toydragon and my many legged wolf fursona

aaaaa i love this so much

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hi i made an allpro alt because vroom vroom motorsports @motoskelly if you want to hear me post about that shit

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im a queer skeleton and also a big ol nerd about computers and electronics, despite being bad at both of those things

u can call me skelly and my pronouns are they/them

ask me about mario kart wii

i also cook at @mdszy, and is an instance i run that's all about cooking

i stream vimeo james occasionally

im kinda picky about followers dont take it personal if i dont accept your request but yeah


remember in october when i got phased back into coming into the office full time and was told three days later that everyone was to start working from home again lmao

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whenever i see "Filtered" i know i did something wrong because i have all my filters set to drop entirely lmao

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food: $200
data: $150
rent: $800
limes: $3600
utility: $150

someone who is good at the economy please help my family is dying

days since i had a guilty laugh at an xkcd comic: 0

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this is the funniest shit i have ever fucking seen

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Oh thanks, I also had fun on our date haha yeah, oh and the waiter was such a... Yeah such a twink oh my GOD I'm glad you agree! Listen, you really opened my third eye a bit more today and I was wondering... Would you like to come home with me tonight? I'm only just moving in so my bed of nails isn't up, I've only got a bed of tacks for now, but I'm sure we could still get nice and snug...

Where do I live? Oh yeah haha sorry I should have mentioned that sooner, meet me at the palace Shangri-Nya

hell yeah i like edm (electrical discharge machining)

i dont want to have to think about the dota anime

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why do i keep getting reminded about the dota anime

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