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i got a thing!! done up by @extinct !!!

featuring @toydragon and my many legged wolf fursona

aaaaa i love this so much

under communism "no shoes no shirt no service" policies will be illegal

oh sick the windows wireless display shit works really well, actually

should probs update my address with the fcc but buhhh cant be bothered

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i guess the usps gives address changes to the arrl lol

"We share your frustration with this setback in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. None of us want to go backward after seeing positive progress towards a return to normal." lol. lmao.

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work has finally officially said that everyone has to wear masks again, took them long enough

landline? u mean the thing i have to get my dsl internet through in a city in the united states in the year 2021

can't wait to get this cabinet so i can stop using plastic shelving in the middle of the apartment for all my pantry stuff lol

everyone's talking about milf but nobody talks about melf :pensive_skull:

gonna donate ten thosuand sex arses to eugen so he has to put me on the sponsor page

remembering when i lost the 2fa to a domain registrar i was on and they wanted me to get an affidavit of identity or smth so instead i just killed the credit card that was on the account and let my domains lapse lol

@skelly But English has brought you to me~​:blobcatflower:​✨


"languages are abandoned by civilizations all the time, actually" he said dumbassedly

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