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hi i made an allpro alt because vroom vroom motorsports @motoskelly if you want to hear me post about that shit

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im a queer skeleton and also a big ol nerd about computers and electronics, despite being bad at both of those things

u can call me skelly and my pronouns are they/them

ask me about mario kart wii

i also cook at @mdszy, and is an instance i run that's all about cooking

i stream vimeo james occasionally

im kinda picky about followers dont take it personal if i dont accept your request but yeah


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oh sick my fonv save is still here apparently

remember when goat simulator was popular

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my google drive has taken like 15 hours to go from 128GB used to 14GB used after i deleted everything

aw damn i couldve sworn i still had fonv installed

guess im startin over again

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oh my god the sanders campaign is actually calling the meme "chairman sanders" and i fuckin love it

food / eating habits 

love to have no appetite but the moment I eat a bite of anything I'm immediately super hungry

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3 eels in a sweater inspired by the ehomaki hidey-tubes the Sendai Aquarium set up for their conger eels

yesterday's tabloids: find out why this celebrity removed this other celebrity from their speed dial!!!!

today's tabloids: this twitch streamer banned another twitch streamer from their chat!!! wow!!!

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hl2 ep1 

this elevator section FUCKIN SUCKS holy shit

ok there it is

just had to be fuckin patient and stop alt-tabbing out before the game loaded up

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whyyyy is derail valley crashing on launch :(

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