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I'm gonna do something I probably should've done a bunch of times lately.

I'm gonna log off for at least the rest of he weekend. Sorry to do so so soon after migrating.

If you need me, I'll be wolfpede#0501 on discord, @\wufwaf on telegram.

Appreciate y'all.

do many other languages have a specific subject to teach children like "phonics" which is just devoted to learning how the fuck to say words


im dumbass high and apparently that made me real anxious about having to go back into the office tomorrow and i had to just tell myself to decide on a time i wanted to come in at tomorrow so i could stop being nervous about it

"please group of screaming children, please approve of my decision such that the algorithm will bless me with income"

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truly yearning to be that type of popular youtuber that must justify to their fans every decision they make in their entire lives

after watching all of westworld s3 

this is the most generic "oh no ai takeover bad guy wants to use it to control the world oh noooooooo" bullshit i've ever seen in my fucking life

hate hearing "xyz yards or meters"

1 yard = 0.914 meters

that's not close enough to be the same lmao

westworld s3 

whoever wrote about schizophrenia/mental illness like this should never be allowed to write a story ever again

westworld s3 

oh fuck sake all this weirdness was because this character is on a weird ass techno drug called Genre that turns his perception into a motherfucking cliche trip

I fucking hate it

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hot take they should've stopped westworld after s1

westworld s3 


what is going ON

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westworld s3 

why is half of this scene in black and white???? did someone fuck up and forget to turn off a filter or something???? I'm so fucking confused

eating habits, mh 

gee skelly, maybe you feel like trash garbage because you haven't eaten and it's 4pm

oh hey it's snowing

like, super super lightly, and it's definitely not gonna stick

but snow!!

westworld s3 

this fuckin phone keeps saying "your number cannot be completed as dialed"

isn't it "your call cannot be completed as dialed" or am I losing my mind

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