i will always read fstab as f stab and not fs tab and there's nothing anyone can do to change that

this is, apparently, a much more common thing than i thought

@InspectorCaracal ngl im mildly surprised that im not alone in this there's at least two of us!

it actually took me like two years to realize that it's short for "file system table" and I was like OOOOHHHhhhh well too late to change now

@skelly "vie et see eff stab", one of many magical incantations that powerful wizards may use to break a computer

@skelly i know 0 admins, professional or otherwise, that call it F S Tab

@skelly I literally only now learned it stands for file system tab. Regardless, I will still continue to read it as f stab.

@skelly I always expand it directly to "facestab file system".

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