i’m laying in my bath bcs that’s my solution to any physical or mental discomfort and i just gotta say:

it’s okay to not be doing well. whether you’re disabled or abled, neurodivergent or NT, there’s still an incredibly stressful and overwhelming crisis going on in our country that is impacting our daily lives.

i have to remind myself that just because we’re coming up on a year of this shared traumatic reality doesn’t mean we’re “adjusted”. it’s okay to not feel okay.

also, as a neurodivergent person who masks and often presents as very high functioning: nobody is actually thriving right now. some people are coping better at any given moment than others, but everyone has days or weeks where they’re doing better or worse than the new baseline of surviving.

i was facetiming one of my friends and telling them about my new obsession (hades) and they said “wow, it’s amazing how motivated and cheerful you are! i can barely get out of bed!” and i starting laughing.

yes, my depression is in remission and my anxiety is under control but just because i’m not in crisis doesn’t mean i’m doing fantastic! everyone i know is struggling with their own challenges, be it addiction, mental/physical heath, finances, relationships...

there’s a yiddish saying: “keyner veys nit vemen der shukh kvetsht, nor der vos geyt in im.”

it means: “nobody knows whose shoe pinches but the person in them.”

comparing yourself to your loved ones is a losing game. you just have to be compassionate to yourself and others and acknowledge that life is really fucking hard right now.


@bee today in "things i really needed to hear"

thank you for this

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