try to make this poll have as far from a 50% result as possible. no conversation about how to accomplish this is allowed.

do NOT read before voting 

holy shit y'all are doing a terrible job lmao

i legitimately thought "wow this is a dumb idea, everyone's just gonna vote for the first option because they assume that's what everyone else will do, and assuming what everyone else will do is a great way to win this"

thanks fedi, you're uniquely skilled at making polls end up being close to even

@skelly hmm yeah i guess that *is* a way to adapt card game "the mind" into a poll

@avie lol I hadn't heard of that before, definitely sounds like it yeah

@skelly its an extremely cool card game that is unfortunately currently very difficult to play

@skelly this should be really easy but I bet it's gonna fail

don't read before doing the thing 

@toast that's exactly my hypothesis, I feel like fedi polls land at 50% ALL THE TIME and feel like if there's one poll that fedi could make a 50%, it would be a poll where that is the exact opposite goal

do NOT read before voting 

@skelly lmao this is amazing

@skelly so far it's going exactly how i would expect

@skelly i'll be honest

i read it as "make it as close to 50% as possible" before i voted and only realized i misread it and i totally would've done the opposite had i not

@skelly I was the first respondent and I chose option two without even thinking about it

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