the plex server lives again!!!!

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according to plex, it's a brand new server so i'll have to re-share it with you all


it's back! the plex server is alive again!!!!

it should now show up for all of you, it will probably show up as a new server, "juice2"

unfortunately due to my nearly entirely fucking up a bunch of shit, all the watch history on the server is reset, hopefully you can find it in your heart to forgive me

anyway have fun and let me know if things don't seem to be working or whatever

@MadestMadness so it's kinda like a self-hosted netflix, the server software is run on a computer with media on it, and then you can use the app/website to stream that server's media over the internet, plex handles all the media transcoding and everything for you

having an account to view content others host is free (and you're more than welcome to my server if you'd like an invite!) and a paid account lets you stream stuff that plex themselves licenses and also watch on your phone

@MadestMadness yeah! you can access the webapp via if you want to watch on a PC, and there's a mobile app - with a free account you can't watch things directly on your phone, but you CAN use the mobile app to cast to a chromecast or something (that's what i do really often)

so yeah, once you have an account just DM me with the email address you used to sign up and i'll send you an invite!

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