ah yeah mild annoyance with software, the obvious solution is to learn to code, download the source code, figure out how this project works inside and out, make the change, hope i didnt break anything horribly, and then have my merge request ignored or flat out denied probably

this shit's like "i wish this coffee table were a few inches taller, oh well" and then someone chiming in with "just learn woodworking and make your own table doofus"

who thinks this shit is helpful in the slightest lmfao

people assume that because someone uses computers that they're also interested in the intricate inner workings of computers and are able to/want to learn how to fix things themselves

this literally doesn't get applied to any other craft except programming because techshits are insufferable

also, mastodon specifically is a fucking garbage fire of overcomplicated bullshit and if your response to someone complaining about mastodon is "just fix it yourself" it is blatantly obvious that you've never even looked at the source code for mastodon lmfao

@skelly I don't know if I'm laughing or crying right now but something is happening and it isn't stopping

@skelly "just do it yourself" *a simple fix for character count irreversibly downed that instance of mastodon* "well uhhhh do better I guess"

@skelly it has the same energy as 'if you don't like this country, just leave!'

@skelly for sure like yes I will gripe about NVivo and also Microsoft no I'm not learning how to code and I'm not learning how to use a different OS cause it isnt that deep.
Let me complain.

I don't think it's limited to tech.

More than once, I've seen it happen that when someone complained that the Dutch translation of a French comic series was stopped, they were told to just continue reading it in the original language.

I think it's human to assume that because you can do it, everybody can do it.

@skelly yeah my PRs usually get ignored for years or denied even if I put in the work to figure out how to more or less make it work, and I'm an open source developer with 15 years professional experience

@skelly there's a metaphor in there about a guy who puts a bunch of books under your table legs and says "see you could totally learn woodworking, it's not that hard"

@skelly or a guy who nails 2x4s to your beautiful scrolled antique table

@skelly Now I'm trying to think what the software equivalent of "putting a few books under the legs" is

@skelly I am doing a masters of IT and I am bad at computers, I don't even like installing software and I wouldn't even be able to install a minecraft mod lol. I hate when people expect everyone to be able to do a bunch of tech stuff just to have basic functionality

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