I got into the wild abandon twitch team!!!!

now i really want to stream haha. idk what!! i want to actually do something more than "i feel like randomly playing this game i like for a few hours with no goal". might pick from the list of random game suggestions people gave

maybe i'll play superliminal. but that's like, a 30 minute game ahaha

maybe longer? but i've played through it a couple of times so

@g you can be a member of a twitch team and it'll show up next to your stream title/in your twitch user page, and also there's a community around it that organizes events and is a good way to n e t w o r k lol

@g this team only has applications very occasionally (next round isn't for 6 months) and they had 200 application slots split across 2 application times, 100 applicant cap each

each time slot filled up the 100 applicants in like 6 minutes lmao

@skelly oh then double congrats! i didn't realise it had so much competition

@g thank you!!! yeah i'm honestly surprised that i got in - esp since it's a team meant for furries and even though i am one technically i didn't make that clear in the application since my twitch identity is skelly haha. there are lots of non-furries on the team but still

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