mildly considering building a reflow oven but ehhhh. if i keep up with doing projects and streaming and stuff it'll be worth it, but for now i'll probably just keep going with hand soldering i guess. it's not that big of a deal, i'm pretty decent at hand soldering small stuff

and even then i still have the option of solder paste and using my cheapo hot air reflow station

i know that not too many of my mutuals are electronics dorks but if anyone has recommendations for a reflow oven controller for a toaster oven,



apparently you can get a reflow oven for less than $300??!?? fuck. that might almost be worth it lmao. but doing it myself would probably be ~half the price


someone on stream also mentioned they use a hotplate with a piece of metal to use as a heat spreader and that works well enough for them. i might give that a try first


yeah i'll definitely try that first. less than $50 is much easier to justify than $300 lmfao


hot plate + small metal pan of some kind + some sand for heat spreading purposes since i've heard that's another good option is probably what i'll do

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