americans refusing to measure by weight in recipes is so absolutely infuriating to me

grow up!!!!!!! get a fucking scale!!!!!!!!!!

@skelly waaahhh why did my baked good not turn out right

idk becky maybe if your measurements were more accurate u wouldn’t have this problem

@shade god right??? and it's so frustrating to try to find recipes for things because everything is volume and i have to try to find what the density of whatever brand of flour im using is or whatever lmfao.

@shade im forever thankful that the food lab book has a honestly really good set of conversion tables for densities and j kenji lopez alt actually doesn't hate his readers and does recipes by weight lmfao

@skelly yea i don’t even fuck with recipes that don’t use weight bc of this LOL. as soon as i consistently used my scale and saw the difference i couldn’t go back

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