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I've said it before on other accounts, so I'll say it here:

I'm not perfect. I'm prone to fuckups. If I do something toxic please let me know. There's a good chance that it's a behaviour i've picked up elsewhere and have no clue about what it actually means.

I may come across as upset when this happens. When I'm angry at myself for a fuckup, I don't always prevent that from being shown, and it can sometimes come across as being uspet at who's telling me. I'm working on that part of myself.

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Hallo! I'm a smol drgn, lurking about this red room L.

I hail from southern Ontario, Canada, and am a geek and a dork. Also apparently cute according to others!

Follow me for bleps, puns, silly posts, etc.

🔞 kthx

Stay safe out there!

3 eels in a sweater inspired by the ehomaki hidey-tubes the Sendai Aquarium set up for their conger eels

bit of trivia for the #nightcrew: Beethoven is pronounced "Beef Oven"

You're welcome

Lewd Pokémon Art 

Commission for @Jayne !!

I love drawing Pokémon

lewd FF7 fanart - nsfw nude pinup 

long overdue pinup of tifa

i want to do a bigger version but the little doodle of the idea from earlier didnt post... i wasnt going to share it but its too cute

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you see an old tree with a carving on the trunk

> inspect tree

you get closer. the tree's trunk has several holes.
Someone seems to have carved a heart with words inside: "Doug + This Tree"

> back away from tree

self driving cars should exist just so they can drive themselves into the dumpster

Hello I'm Mattie and I have an announcement to make. Dragons are good and cute and everyone should agree with that

put this sticker on my art bin that has my gouache and stamps in it 🥰
(cartoon nudity)

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