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Current Project: Dragonhome VRChat Hangout World!

I'm working on developing a vrchat hangout space for folks, with accomodations made to reduce voice distance, chill lighting, and even a text chat for those who can't speak / aren't comfortable speaking! Video player, too, and tons of interactables to play with!

Billiards table and other games being worked on being added!

More buildings/rooms being worked on as well!

Room is public, so feel free to use it!

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I've said it before on other accounts, so I'll say it here:

I'm not perfect. I'm prone to fuckups. If I do something toxic please let me know. There's a good chance that it's a behaviour i've picked up elsewhere and have no clue about what it actually means.

I may come across as upset when this happens. When I'm angry at myself for a fuckup, I don't always prevent that from being shown, and it can sometimes come across as being uspet at who's telling me. I'm working on that part of myself.

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Hallo! I'm a smol drgn, lurking about this red room L.

I hail from southern Ontario, Canada, and am a geek and a dork. Also apparently cute according to others!

Follow me for bleps, puns, silly posts, etc.

πŸ”ž kthx

Stay safe out there!

techbro nonsense 

every fucking time i open birdsite there are ads like

✨ We're entering the new age of the Web 🌐
The Big Data πŸ’½ will be stored in the containerized cloud using limitless blockchain technologies sponsored by our web-speed cyberspace πŸ’» entrepreneurs πŸ’Έ
Build πŸ”¨ your agile progressive webapps πŸ“² on the blockchain! #ETH #BTC #decentralized #NFT

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Why even bother giving a "Remember Me" checkbox when you never do, webbed site?

eyyyy watch where you're walkin, i'm eatin salad here!

New (to me) scam.

"Power company" calls. Power will be cut off in 30 minutes unless I pay right now. Had my name, address, and phone number, probably from one of the data leaks. Rep was a human, sounded like the real thing.

Hung up, called phone # on bill, verified we're good.

mastodon is crumbling and some say it's because the main dev is chasing a non-existent audience instead of building for the community that's developed

*opens maw again and emits*

:tdmlem: 🎼 🎹 🎢 πŸ₯

i desperately need to know, like actually, if i make a bad decision here i Cannot take it back

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paging all synthheads on the fediverse -- is the ableton push worth

aaa i forgot my bot would be back now that i got my pi restored from backup~

I just got texted the fries model of consent by planned parenthood. it's good.

money beg, boosts appreciated 

Heeey so short on rent/other expenses money for next month which is approaching quicker than I thought, idk exactly how much I'll need but I'd put a general estimate around like $400 so, I have some catching up to do. Hopefully won't have to do this again once I get some stuff going in a couple months

It's not a huge deal if you don't but, here's my PayPal and ko-fi if you wanna help out at all

i wonder how many moths are into web hosting, because of the LAMP stack....

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