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Current Project: Dragonhome VRChat Hangout World!

I'm working on developing a vrchat hangout space for folks, with accomodations made to reduce voice distance, chill lighting, and even a text chat for those who can't speak / aren't comfortable speaking! Video player, too, and tons of interactables to play with!

Billiards table and other games being worked on being added!

More buildings/rooms being worked on as well!

Room is public, so feel free to use it!

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I've said it before on other accounts, so I'll say it here:

I'm not perfect. I'm prone to fuckups. If I do something toxic please let me know. There's a good chance that it's a behaviour i've picked up elsewhere and have no clue about what it actually means.

I may come across as upset when this happens. When I'm angry at myself for a fuckup, I don't always prevent that from being shown, and it can sometimes come across as being uspet at who's telling me. I'm working on that part of myself.

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Hallo! I'm a smol drgn, lurking about this red room L.

I hail from southern Ontario, Canada, and am a geek and a dork. Also apparently cute according to others!

Follow me for bleps, puns, silly posts, etc.

πŸ”ž kthx

Stay safe out there!

affectionate, subtoot 

listening to a partner gush about something they love is so cute and endearing~

a very dirty dog, kobolding 

dragons doing this to their kobold after it's back home from being out digging for rocks all day

thinking about the complications when saphie!​@luna fronts... must be inconvenient

Just a couple of chicks (selfie ec, chicken, boosts+)

The gender of the day is a kaleidoscope of bats.

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