So, given the meta, I'm actually curious to hear from the folks who use the screen reading software.


If no, what is the software called? Might be worth getting some attention on the software to try and get the folks responsible for updating it to handle caps better.

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A good point was raised. If you are having issues with the parent post, i asked if your screen reading software had problems with reading out a question in all caps, in all caps.

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@toydragon isn't this kind of a self-defeating post? If their screen reader doesn't read that caps sentence properly they won't know what you're asking lol. Probably put the question first, then the all caps phrase, even if that's not as neat and tidy

@toydragon I pulled up Windows Narrator, which I feel like has to be one of the most barebones and shitty screen-readers and it read this post out with literally no issues.

So like if the shitty free built-in Windows screen-reader can handle all caps, I feel like actually good ones should and, if they don't, the people who develop them really need to be held accountable =P

@toydragon the only thing on there which VoiceOver, built into macOS, does not read are the vote options,

but everything else, yes

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