food, meat 

Tonite's meal:

Braised Greek chicken w/ suacy lemon orzotto


food, meat 

so, ended up receiving another food box -- the friend that sent me some didn't realize that you'd have to cancel so, told me that she hoped i was hungry!

first meal, beef barbacoa style tacos w/ salsa fresca

drgn has a full belly hhhh

Oh no.

I just found a track lurking on my hard drive titled "Fireflies and the Game Theory theme are the same BPM and KEY"

*opens maw and emits*

burning the midnight oil, learning how to output text onto this new hardware i got my claws on:


When cooking, be very careful when choosing your ingredients!!

Make sure to not get confused between a bayleaf and a bayleef, for example!!

food, meat 

I made a broth with some of those bones!!

house smells goooooood

This time i remembered to post the picture!

food, meat 

aww yeah got a good jackpot of bones from the grocers

gonna make some gooood feckin broth for soups with this

It's leftovers from the roast pork they serve up and i love finding it cuz homemade soop time

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