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"If you follow a symbol to the end, ask yourself what that means. More important, ask what happens *after* the end."

started reading "wretched of the earth" yesterday and i really don't know if it's supposed to resonate like this

tfw nintendo doesn't give enough of a damn about skill-based racing to make a new F-Zero, but are totally happy to make iteration after iteration of fundamentally useless kart racer based on screwball-malevolent AI.

pol, 1984 referencing like THAT isn't played out and old as death 

The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

tl;dr garden variety g*mers are shitheads with no social training

attn mario kart 8dx heads: if you're the type to "buh buh 150cc and above isn't hard i did x y and z in n amount of hours get gud scrub" i'm just gonna assume you powersaved your stars and keep it pushing.

these ais are malevolent and I half wish I could action replay items off in my grand prixs.

on god all i want is a good multiplayer shooter, but the industry insists on pushing out milsim propaganda trash and wallet-grabbing skinner boxes

Welp, Bethesda is doing to Doom what they already did to Fallout. Pour one out for a legend; because it's all downhill from here.

i'm genuinely sick of getting hoed for being good at drifting

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uggggh if they're not gonna give us itemless grand prixs or a simple way to get people into itemless races in mario kart 8, can they just make a new fucking F-Zero already

so whose fault is it that Fallout 76 is in the Mostly Positive bracket? We don't uplift Bethesda Fallouts on this internet, who's breaking the rules

Current searches:
New Vegas-alikes not made by Bethesda (without realism focus)

Fallout-alikes not made by Bethesda (without realism focus)

Arena FPS that isn't Epic-exclusive

Loot based shooters that aren't the Division, Borderlands, Destiny or Warframe

Hack and slash that isn't soulslike

uspol, feeling like accelerant 

1) I'm not, and never have been a democrat.
2) Biden FREQUENTLY comments on his anti where progressive policy is concerned.
3) Tara Reade.
4) "Well, maybe you should go vote for someone else."
5) I still have nightmares about being surrounded by the drone screens that under he and his buttbuddy Obama's last stewardship of the nation, were filled with civilians getting turned to fuckin salsa.

I'm done. Democrats can suck my dick, from the back.

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uspol, feeling like accelerant 

every time a neoliberal puke goes off about "if you want your fingerprints to be on the election of ultra-conservative Supreme Court nominees and spiraling emissions" whenever Biden's many, many, MANY scandals and investigations are brought up, I get 3 inches closer to replying with "okay but maybe America deserves everything it has coming"

there is no out.
america will just /follow,/ like a venereal disease with a gun.

anyway, dataminers are a pox and anytime someone starts bragging about "that was datamined stop rumormongering" i just wanna kick 'em in the teeth

way to ruin the mystique asshole

Gunpowder is just as much magic as a magic missile. Prove me wrong.


that senile, blue-trump, klan-covering assed motherfucker can go get fucked; and so can every gringo that stuck us with him. end of line.

give me a call when it's time to start investing in stores of rope, lumber, and steel.

Smash Ultimate arrange for "Song That Might Play..." when

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