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Hi, I'm Rhys! You may know me as @scoots ! 'm a low/no income disabled artist, trans-nonbinary and live in the state of Texas.

I take commissions through Ko-Fi and also offer recurring membership pledges:

I'm currently saving to renovate a small room into a proper mini studio so I can begin manufacturing and designing merchandise and stationery again.

american healthcare is paying $180-$600* a month to HOPE your healthcare will cover your medication and treatment,

and you still have to wait 5 months for any procedure,

and most plans don't cover the ER,

and then in the end you owe tens of thousands of dollars and its legal for insurers to discriminate against you and you didn't actually fix anything

*an average, sometimes it's even more

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people mistakenly think that because a lot of major countries' UC needs to be reformed for the modern world, that somehow privatized healthcare is better

it's not unless you're literally a millionaire

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oh my god BDG actually did it and made a video about navigating the health insurance market

i'm gonna start forcing people outside the US who insist the US somehow has it better than universal healthcare to watch this ENTIRE THIRTY MINUTE VIDEO

I wonder if anyone else on fedi was on Elfwood too

When I was young there was a artist on Elfwood that drew these GORGEOUS gryphon drawings but to this day I've never been able to figure out who it was or if they are still working today

i made this for a game community im in as a shitpost but i feel like its relevant to fedi too

Anybody know of any good Picrews that would let me make an anthro mouse character? :blobfoxthinking:

I don't flirt I bring you my kills as a sign of respect

What side do you keep the dryer on?
My sister has her dryer on the left, which I'm not used to so without thinking I dumped detergent in it and then had to scrub it out...

Also I brought my laptop charger but forgot my laptop.

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Had a really hard time this morning getting up, get over to sis', finally get the baby to start to doze off so I can nap too... Then it turns out sis hasn't left bc she has a flat. So I have to call AAA for her and wait until the dude shows up to show him my membership info

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i was gonna post an update on how i'm running really behind on work right now but im just

too damn tired, sorry

Shit I forgot my mask and they (rightfully) require one to go into the dentist

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