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you can call me nat, i'm 26 and queer in florida. i have a wife and our gf that lives with us. im really into art and cats. im mentally ill and chronically ill so i sometimes post about that, usually cw'ed. if you need any advice or a friend, im here :3

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for those of you new to masto and esp my new followers:

* minors dni with my adult posts especially those cwed as lewd or nsfw. you will be blocked. im an adult and they aren't for you.

* straight men dni with me sexually. dni with me sexually if you dont know me

* don't feel intimidated to talk to me, i tend to come off a certain way but im nice i s2g. i suck at replying sometimes

i have not taken my morning poop yet. saving it to be special

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my wife and gf literally never do yet when im watching something on an account with my name tied to it, we get ads in spanish. or letters in the mail in spanish.

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do anglo americans get ads or letters in spanish??? genuinely is this just because i have a spanish last name

id like to thank tiktok and egirls for making sanrio popular again

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my old guitar sold for 900 on ebay hell yea now i just gotta wait for them to pay then i ship it

lyliawisteria, you tankiepilled me. congrats. wherever you are, go to hell

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thinking like, the first time i saw the word tankie outside of Reddit was when lyliawisteria dmed me to say "there's tankies on monads" 5 minutes before sending Melissa death threats via menchies. until then i had a neutral-negative view cause like, "idk tankie bad i guess". i feel like that event really set the tone for the way i saw "tankie" used, and that event combined with the pandemic i think was what dragged me closer to ML than anarchist

apologizing to the milfs that you cant please them because you're lactose intolerant of their big mommy milkers

I think Eugen should consider this at ur own risk

im a sponsor of the mastodon project, thru my company XXX Big Natural Blondes Fuck Big Cock Real Estate Agents. and i think you all should be more civil

we all know this is a website with a population that's 90% queers and fossbros and furries and burnouts. like half the small instances on here are just so trans girls can keep track of their polycules. mastodon is a nasty website for freaks, just lean into it man

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eugen's sisyphean attempts to make mastodon seem like a respectable website for normal people is like watching someone try and empty out lake superior with a teaspoon

nsfw, tmi 

now that im on welbutrin im horny literally always......but we have a visitor for the rest of the month so i can't f*ck my partners and also im usually a touch me not top but now im like......Feeling Slutty Dudes

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