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I'll think more on it tomorrow but I'm considering taking a mini break from fedi. If I don't post and you wanna contact me, my discord is in my profile

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2021 reading progress 

ok so i think i'm going to pin this and make it a thread - ik not a lot of people care about this or the books that im reading so it's really just for me

so i finished my 6th book of 2021 (out of a goal of 50)

it was a mini audiobook that was free on audible called the getaway. it was meh. cliche mystery thriller. had an interesting MC they should have elaborated on. i was more interested in her back story that they mentioned for 2 seconds than i was the current events.

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you can call me nat, i'm 26 and queer in florida. i have a wife and our gf that lives with us. im really into art and cats. im mentally ill and chronically ill so i sometimes post about that, usually cw'ed. if you need any advice or a friend, im here :3

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for those of you new to masto and esp my new followers:

* minors dni with my adult posts especially those cwed as lewd or nsfw. you will be blocked. im an adult and they aren't for you.

* straight men dni with me sexually. dni with me sexually if you dont know me

* don't feel intimidated to talk to me, i tend to come off a certain way but im nice i s2g. i suck at replying sometimes

will our entire systems still be completely unusable today? if so, will we be forced to stay and do nothing for our entire work day because they couldn't fathom paying us and letting us go and do house work and errands and chores because if their time is wasted, ours must be too?

I'm mega mommy because everyone projects their mommy issues into me and also I have big tits

anyways im begging my wife to not do tics but instead, cope

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having anxiety and ocd while your partner has tourettes and adhd keeps things spicy

oh is that chick who got mad she couldnt get on monads and then went full mask off now participating in blood quantum?

You ever think about how the ACLU set the groundwork for neo nazi marches being acceptable

how bout a little less free speech and a little more free feet

white person voice

i'm post identity politics. i dont think it helps (me)

good god i checked out my linked in and saw a meme about some commercial product we stock. this is my life now

i told @Dayglochainsaw he looks like zack from bones and he's raging lmaooo

paying over 1k for a 1bd 1ba apartment in fucking TAMPA should be illegal

Whether I say Latino, Latinx or Latine is dictated by the same process that determines whether I say "yes" or "no" when someone asks if I want a receipt. It's completely randomized and I don't know what will come out until I say it.

repeat after me. latino.
> lah-teen-oh
> lah teen-ah
> lah-tin-ex

i am romantically, sexually, and intimately inaccessible to every single one of you. unfortunately i have to make this clear

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