when ppl talk about not letting their cats on kitchen counter i would beg them to try stopping her

do you think i "let" her do things
shes the one who doesn't let me do things, like sleep or go to the bathroom alone

also this is her wanting us to turn on the sink so it drips for her

@witchy how does she feel about walking on aluminum foil or tape (sticky side up)? I believe those are the best methods to teach them not to do it, but also I don't know if they can break an ingrained habit and it's kind of wasteful

@robotcarsley we considered that when she was just a few months old and started figuring out how to jump up there, but she's such a scared cat that we honestly just dont wanna do things that scare her at all

@robotcarsley we want her to feel comfy like its her home so we just end up wiping down the kitchen more often lol

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