im tired of pretending that fat people arent hot

are yall gonna tell me some person with some muscle and a bit of a hairy belly is ugly. i dont believe you. youre a liar.

also my wife has THICK AS FUCK THIGHS because she works out a lot and used to do a lot of biking professionally and she as a bit of a belly now that shes on estrogen and SHE IS HOT. HOW CAN YOU TELL ME SOMEONE WITH MUSCULAR THIGHS AND A BELLY ISNT HOT.

also like. fat femmes? bodies shaped like pears or hourglass or apple? lovehandles? chubby thighs? even chubby ankles? that shit is hot STOP LYING TO ME

i may have a ton of internalized fatphobia which is ironic considering i find fat people hot asf

@mood it helps when i see ppl with my body type and theyre hot and i can imagine that if society didnt rot my brain, id understand im hot too

@witchy if you just told me i was someone else i could find something to like

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