okay, i'm not interested in the color story and i have a lot of eyeshadow already, but i have to say

if you're wanting an eyeshadow palette inspired by a board game

hipdot's monopoly palette is cute

most people don't love palettes with a lot of blank space, or aren't in a regular pattern. it makes things a little more inefficient and bulky.

but this. this it seems everyone is ok with making an exception for, because they actually executed the theme really nicely

also from weird eyeshadow palettes spotted on makeup reddit

(gestures to this sold-out indie pickle palette)

i gotta say that i'd switch the names for 'dill pickles' and 'tickle my pickle' because if you're including that pink you may as well go all the way, but i don't hate the color story!

also, i'm too cishet to make any jokes, but given i now know the thing about transfeminine people hankering for pickles thanks to spironolactone... finally, a palette for transfeminine folks,


@wigglytuffitout IM MAD AT THIS what the fuck is that bronze and why is pickle juice black

@witchy honestly i don't hate the color story, i would have made the bronze more... bronzey instead of rose gold, but i can see it all working, and then the really dark near-black green would work good for doing more of a green smokey eye type look.

but the really dark color should have been called cornichon or something. like the tiny french pickles that are very dark in color. or just gherkin.

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