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✨ hi y'all, i have almost 3k in upcoming dental work (with insurance) and 2k already on a credit card for previous dental work. my first appointment is friday, but i'm waiting to book most expensive (root canal!) 🦷

🎨 dm for art commissions , i'll work with any budget

:_cards: dm for tarot reading, tips welcome

if you'd like to just donate:
paypal: by request only
venmo: by request only

you can see my art on insta @bewitcharts (i'll update soon!)


teeth money goal update 


thank yall so much!!! i appreciate the help

teeth money goal update 


:saddercat: ty sm

teeth money goal update 


any dent in this helps and im rly thankful!

i'm trying to not put it on carecredit cuz the interest on that ends up being....awful lol so any amount i dont have to put on that is good

teeth money goal update 


teeth money goal update 

my first appointment is today which I think is just a few cavity fillings so i don't think it'll be that much hopefully for today's part or at least I think the money will cover it!

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