im promising you something big is going to happen in Florida with everything going on with our gov making protesting illegal for anyone involved but only going after left wing and applauding right wing protesters. you can be arrested and charged with a felony now for just being AT a protest, they will falsely call it a riot if ONE PERSON does something theyll blame everyone there no matter how small.


after this law was passed, after we protested it and fought against it and got dogged by police, the governor then approved right wing cuban protesters going on a fuxking highway in Florida. do you think right wingers would face riot charges? (nope! but we will for peaceful protesting oppression)

also in Florida! University of Florida is trying to prevent professors from testifying "against" the Florida government because a professor was going to do expert testimony on voter suppression. please read about this

this is a state full of ppl who aren't from Fl. this is a state that is actually home to ppl from all over the world. to a lot of bipoc. to homeless ppl who come here bc it doesn't snow and it's easier to survive without snow. to right wing old ppl who go out and vote here after barely caring about how Fl communities end up. to those who traffic drugs and people because of the shores. floridians are suffering at the hands of ppl who have no real connection besides a summer retirement house

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